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Studio based workshops

Masterclasses for all levels

July 8/9 weekend workshop

2 Day Photogravure Workshop      with

Silvi Glattauer

For more details and to

Gary Shinfield_River 3_woodcut print UP_49 x 60 cm_2022.jpg

April 22/23 weekend workshop

walking, noticing, attending
- towards a mindful print

2 Day Relief Print Workshop      with

Gary Shinfield

For more details and to

Sold Out

wait list available

Previous Workshops

David Frazer, wood engraving

Silvi Glattauer, photogravure

Martin King, etching, multiplate etching, monotype

Roslyn Kean, woodcut, mokuhanga, kento registration

Basil Hall, etching, collagraph, multiplate

Gary Shinfield, woodcut, large scale relief, multiplate woodcut

Dianne Fogwell, linocut, woodcut, artist books

Seraphina Martin, viscosity Printing

Dianne Longley, artist books 

GWBot, relief

Rew Hanks, linocut

Workshops 2023

 April 22/23    Gary Shinfield, walking/printing/relief

July 8/9          Silvi Glattauer, photogravure book now

Aug 12/13      Dianne Fogwell, relief

Sept 9/10       Danielle Creenaune, mokulito 

Nov 4/5        Janet Parker-Smith

martin King
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