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Kari Ferguson

Teens Wednesday Class

Enrol now for term 4, 2023

 Afternoon Class: 4.30pm to 6.30pm   
Course Fee:         $235.00  (9 week term)

Casual Class:        $30.00

Traditional & contemporary printmaking for teens using intaglio & relief techniques. This class is specifically catering to high school students 13-18 years of age. Various printmaking processes will be explored in our dedicated printmaking studio. Processes explored include etching, drypoint, photopolymer and linocut. This class is especially helpful for HSC students.

Kari is an experienced printmaker, with a degree in Fine Art from Sydney University, Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), who works across print techniques in her own work from photopolymer and aluminium etching to linocut, creating strong graphic artworks. Kari teaches printmaking classes for teens in Sydney.

Class fees are payable to Kari Ferguson, please enquire about payment options or for more information.

example of student work


a student assessing print proofs

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