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Detail of Linocut by

Sheila Myers

TIPS for logging in
and using the website

Our new membership system includes online renewal and also gives you access to the new member's forum and to your membership to update your contact details, check when your membership expires and see what workshops you may have booked into. As the initial set up might be a bit confusing, see below for details and trouble shooting.

New Members

If you are a NEW member please sign up to the print studio at the top of the page which will help you create an account. This is for NEW members, previous WPS members see below. When you have added your details to sign in, you will need to confirm with your email and then log in with your email and password. This creates your account with us and you will be able to purchase your studio membership or purchase workshop spots and we will have your correct details so that you are covered by studio insurance when you are printing with us. 

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Renewing Members

If you are a previous member it is a slightly different process to retrieve your details. You will need a password BUT you don't need to enter your details as all of our past members have been uploaded into the system. This means that your email is already registered.


 To generate a password for logging in: 

  • 1. click 'sign in to the print studio' at the top of the webpage

  • 2.  click on 'log in' this will take you to a log in page to retrieve password

  • 3. click on 'Forgot Password?'

  • 4. enter your email address

  • 5. check your email to retrieve the password instructions and create your password.

These are your details to go back and log in to the website.

Next time you log in with this password you will be able to access your profile. We have used this system to make it secure for you and to allow you to update your details and access the membership section of the website.

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Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 1.26.58 pm.png


Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 1.25.27 pm.png

Error message


'A member with this email address already exists. Try a different email.'

This means you are already in our system!

Please follow the instructions for renewing members. Apologies for the trouble, you simply need to generate your password.



This is a new section where paid members can share printmaking information, exhibitions, classes and workshops can share work and ideas and members can take part in discussions. It is located in the membership menu and you need be a current member and to log in to see it. Interested WPS members who would like to help with the forum, please contact Tamsin  (email linked)

Your Membership


To access your account details click on the bell/letter at the top of the page when you have logged in. This will bring up your account.Your user name is what other members see, if you choose private, your posts to the forum will be anonymous. 
If you have any issues please email us.

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