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weekend workshop

JULY 8/9

2 Day Workshop

Silvi Glattauer


From Photography to Etching – The Photogravure

SOLD OUT - Waitlist Available

Saturday July 8 -
Sunday July 9

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$390 (members)
$420 (non-members)

[WPS Membership fee $30 is included in the non-member price - covering your insurance in the studio]


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2 Day

Photogravure Workshop
with Silvi Glattauer

Learn the use of photopolymer plates in combination with digital photography to create Photogravures. This is a non-toxic approach without the use of solvents, or acids. The image is transferred directly on to the plate with the use of an inkjet printer. Plates are then exposed using UV light, processed with water and printed via an etching press. 


Gain an insight into the hybridisation of digital techniques with hand made printing processes

Over two days Silvi Glattauer will introduce  techniques and approaches to produce photogravure hand pulled prints.

This workshop assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

On day one you will learn how to prepare your images in photoshop, optimising your image. The process will take participants through direct to plate printing and compare pros and cons between direct and film methods, understanding exposure units and printer options will be explored. During this time you will create photopolymer plates through direct printing, adjusting contrast, testing exposure times and the plate making process. The first proofs will be taken using various ink densities to  adjust print qualities.


On the second day you will review your proofs, create more plates and understand printmaking processes for press preparation, registration and paper options. Participants will move on to chine colle techniques using rice papers and digitally created colour layers. Day two will include time for experimentation.

What is Direct to Plate photopolymer photogravure?

The Direct to Plate system was developed for the offset printing industry when making the transition to digital technologies. Silvi Glattauer has taken this direct to plate method and developed a calibration system to fine tune a work flow that perfects the fine art Photogravure print.

Without the need for a film, the computer image is printed directly on to the plate, then exposed and etched in water. This method also does away with the need for a double exposure and the vacuum frame. You will spend less time making plates, and more time making prints!

For further information email:

Silvi Glattauer


Silvi Glattauer is a practicing photomedia artist from Melbourne, Australia. A founding member of The Baldessin Press & Studio, Silvi is recognised as an authority in the contemporary Photopolymer Photogravure process as well as working with techniques that cross barriers between digital and the hand made.

The central themes in Silvis’ art works are underpinned by a love of nature and a deep concern for the environment, narrated through her personal references. Silvis’ approach is to collect, to archive, to classify and to record. There are always connecting threads about materiality, about object, and about preciousness when her subject matters translate into finely crafted prints.

Silvi has exhibited throughout Australia and abroad, most recently at the Museum of Victoria and four times Boweness shortlisted finalist. Major achievements also include winning the prestigious Nillumbik Prize and commissioned by the Victorian government to create a documentary series for bushfire recovery and memorials in 2014, 2016 & 2019. Selected artist in residence for Print Residence, Barcelona and Inkmasters, Cairns and Proyecto ‘ACE Argentina.

Silvi’s work is held in private and public collections, including the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), Geelong Regional Gallery, Melbourne Museum, National Library Australia, State Library Victoria, Monash Gallery of Art, Local Shire councils and Regional galleries throughout Australia.

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