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Gary Shinfield_River 3_woodcut print UP_49 x 60 cm_2022.jpg

weekend workshop

APRIL 22/23 

2 Day Workshop

Gary Shinfield

Sold Out

Observing Nature: walking, foraging, noticing, translating, printing

2 Day

Saturday April 22 -
Sunday April 23

Gary Shinfield_River 6_woodcut print _49 x 60 cm_2022.jpg

walking, noticing, attending
- towards a mindful print

$390 (members)
$420 (non-members)

[WPS Membership fee $30 is included in the non-member price - covering your insurance in the studio]


max: 10 participants

For further information

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Sold Out
wait list available

Relief print - Wood and Lino Workshop exploring nature
with Gary Shinfield

Over two days Gary Shinfield will introduce  techniques and approaches to developing relief plates and prints from the natural world.

Gary Shinfield's practice brings a connection with nature into the studio. Sharing his process, this workshop takes participants through a set of translations from the natural world to the printed form. 


Prior to the workshop, participants will receive instructions from Gary to take themselves on a mindful, observational nature walk. During the walk items will be collected to be developed further.


On day one, you will use 5 flat items collected from your walk to develop direct prints and then over then next two days you will translate these further into abstract carved wood and lino blocks. Images will be further developed from found materials and the walk you have taken. You will be exploring relief printing techniques to create beautiful layered prints. Various methods of printing relief prints will be introduced. 


"Walking, noticing and foraging for material is a process of slowing down and looking more intently at things encountered, to centre yourself in the present."

For further information email:

Gary Shinfield


Recent work has been based on immersive experiences in nature and the creative process was used to form connections with place. I worked on site, drawing, painting and cutting blocks in the Blue Mountains and Wollemi National Parks. Relief printing processes were used to make unique state images on stained and painted, handmade paper. Works made are also intuitive responses to certain elements – water, earth, fire, air - encountered in the surrounding environment. This way of working seeks to reveal spirit of place. 

Recent exhibitions include –
Landscapes of Anxiety, solo exhibition, Blue Mountains City Art Gallery 2021; To the Edges, Sydney Printmakers, Manly Art Gallery and Museum 2021; Burnie Print Prize 2021, Burnie Regional Art Gallery TAS; Ink Masters 2021, Tanks 4 Gallery, Cairns QLDS; and Gosford Art Prize, Gosford Regional Art Gallery Prize 2021.


Recent artist residencies: Big Ci International Artist Residency, Blue Mountains NSW 2020; and Art Print Residency, Barcelona Spain 2018.

Gary Shinfield_River 3_woodcut print UP_49 x 60 cm_2022.jpg

wait list available

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