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August 17/18

2 Day Japanese WoodBlock 
with Rosyln Kean

2 Day

Saturday August 17
& Sunday August 18

10-4 each day

Japanese Woodblock Workshop
with Ro
syln Kean
includinMokuhunga & kento registration 


This workshop will incorporate the carving & registration techniques of traditional Japanese methods of printing with inking techniques used in the traditional Ukiyo-e prints. 

Images may contain several colours to be printed by hand using a combination of barans.

Detail of printing the woodblock.jpg
$390 (members)
$420 (non-members)

[WPS Membership fee $30 is included in the non-member price - covering your insurance in the studio]


max: 12 participants


For further information

or to join waitlist for the workshop


The course is intended to teach all aspects of multi block woodcuts combining both the exacting registration methods of traditional Japanese woodcuts with the more expressive style of German expressionist prints. Various methods of creating the image on the block to be discussed and examples of traditional prints and prints created with a contemporary application viewed.

Paper size will be restricted to A4 and the blocks slightly larger allowing paper registration to be carved on to blocks.  Students will produce a small edition of a multi block image with a selection of papers both European and East Asian. Maximum image size 15cm x 23cm portrait or landscape. Images must be kept simple to allow time for carving.

Japanese shina blocks will be supplied along with local sourced 6mm plywood made available..

The techniques of carving will be taught along with the sharpening of tools using Waterstones.

Registration is of prime importance and the” Kento “method of exacting registration will be used. 

Printing will be done with the use of pure pigments suspended in water, watercolours and gouache applied with both traditional horse hairs mokuhanga brushes and locally sourced stencil brushes.

Various papers will be introduced including oriental papers and European smooth faced papers.

A selection of papers with be supplied with material kit

The variations of creating an image on the block for carving will be introduced including the direct drawing through to the indirect transfer of image and a combination of both.

Emphasis will be on creating images with defined colour area with exacting registration and the subtle effects from minimal inking to show the wood grain. 

The printing will be done by hand using a selection of Barens provided by the teacher 

The Kean ball bearing baren will be available to purchase at a special student price.

Image must fit on A4 paper leaving a minimum 2-3cm margin all round, 

Technical notes and related information will be provided in an A4 folder along with suppliers of materials.


Roslyn Kean

Since 1985 Roslyn Kean has been preoccupied with printmaking traditions of Japan, conducting master classes in the technique in printmaking studios and universities throughout Australia.


Roslyn studied at the National Art School and Shillito Design School, Sydney followed by post graduate studies in printmaking at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. In 1985 Roslyn was awarded a research scholarship by the Japanese Government to attend The Printmaking Dept., The National University of Fine Art, Tokyo to undertake postgraduate studies in Traditional Japanese woodblock printing.

During her career as an artist printmaker Roslyn Kean has taught at universities both nationally and in the UK.  Her specialised area of Traditional Japanese methods of relief printing has enabled her to offer unique workshops throughout Australia. Currently she is the Director of The Stables Print Studio, Sydney where she works and offers unique open studio days to share her skills.


Her prints are deeply lyrical, contemplative and highly evocative.   Whether of ancient patterns or her own drawings from her black bamboo garden seriality, and a sense of pattern have remained crucial ingredients in her work. The prints possess a serenity and simplicity, bordering on minimalism but totally devoid of severity, instead posess a sense of quiet and order.

These most recent works are derived from studies into the rhetorical triangle.

Weaving Ancestral Voices I , 2019 Image 75cm h x 50cm w Multi block woodcut.jpg
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