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Salt lake after rain - landscape






Edition Type

Unique State

Paper Size

28 x 38 cm

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This artwork was inspired by the deep, rich colours of the Central Australian landscape after rain flows down from the northern rivers. Parts of the paper are deeply embossed which gives a pleasing 3 D textural effect.

Artist Bio

I am drawn to landscape, especially seascapes and places where I swim. I love the silhouettes of leafless branches against the sky and closeups of flowers that reveal their inner life not just their external beauty. I am powerfully attracted to the colour blue. Apart from printmaking I am a keen photographer, and my work is usually based on a photographic image which is then extensively altered digitally to convey a particular mood. This is then printed onto a transparency to which I add hand drawn elements. The final image is etched into a photopolymer plate using the non-toxic methods of ultraviolet light and water. The plate is inked by hand, placed under archival quality paper, and run through an etching press. I sometimes add areas of hand colouring to achieve particular effects.

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