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Ragusa - the interior of Sicily





Photopolymer a la poupee

Edition Type

Limited Edition

Paper Size

28 x 38 cm

Image Size



One definition of the word interior is “ part of a country or region”, therefore I felt that the image was quite evocative of the interior of Sicily. I chose to use warm colours to represent the sunlight on the buildings and the shadows on the steps.I tried to recreate the feelings I had when walking up the steps in the heat.

Artist Bio

I first started print making in the 70’s whilst at art college in the UK. After a considerable career break whilst bring up my family, I have finally reconnected and have been attending Warringah Printmakers for the past two years. My prints are a mix of Australian flora and European prints taken whilst travelling. For this exhibition I have chosen the work that I have completed during the last term using the “interior theme. The two prints I have chosen are both photopolymer prints using the al la poupee technique to colour them. I am really interested in this method as it gives a “ painterly” effect to the print, plus I love experimenting with the colour.

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