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Adrift 2






Edition Type

Variable Edition

Paper Size

28 x 38 cm

Image Size



The seeds of Entada Phaseoloides or the ‘gogo vine’ as it is commonly known, have drifted and frolicked their way along the currents down the coastline from North Queensland to Newport Beach mapping out their journey, to become part of my collection.

Artist Bio

Lisa Marshall is a northern beaches artist inspired by the local environs, whether collecting washed up detritus while beachcombing or observing the intricate patterns of nature while bushwalking. She studied at La Trobe University in Mildura and completed her Visual Arts degree at the University of South Australia, specialising in photography. She has exhibited in many group shows and has been a finalist with Manly Arts Gallery & Museum, SWAP (Sustainable Waste 2 Art) Ryde Council and Inkmasters in Cairns.

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