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April 27/28

2 Day Wood Engraving Workshop with

David Frazer

Saturday April 27 -
Sunday April 28

$390 (members)
$420 (non-members)

[WPS Membership fee $30 is included in the non-member price - covering your insurance in the studio]


max: 10 participants

Click button above to book and pay for workshop. For further information or to join waitlist for the workshop



2 Day

Wood Engraving
with David Frazer

Over two days David Frazer will introduce techniques and approaches to creating wood engravings and prints.

Workshop covers:

  • Materials, tools, WHS

  • Wood selection

  • Engraving techniques and approaches

  • Synthetic and traditional hardwood blocks

  • Printing and editioning

  • Curation and signing


David will discuss the history of wood engraving, demonstrate the process of engraving a block and run you through the techniques and the best way to make a successful relief print, including use and care of tools.


You will start off engraving on a synthetic block where you will practice with all the tools and experiment with all the different marks and patterns which we will then print. Then you will move onto a more considered piece using end grain lemonwood or boxwood sourced from the UK. David will show you how to transfer a drawing to the block. After engraving you will then print and David will show you how to curate and sign them.

About Wood Engraving:

Wood engraving is a very old printmaking medium historically used as a form of illustration for books and newspapers. White lines are engraved in the small, fine, end grain wood blocks using engraving tools and printed as a relief print. Much finer, highly detailed work can be achieved than with a lino-cut or woodcut. 


The prints are small and intimate and well suited to narrative and poetry. It was traditionally used to illustrate books, with blocks being the same height as the letterpress characters that formed the text.  It is particularly well-suited to achromatic graphic artworks, with strong contrasts (lights and darks) and areas of textured shadows.


David Frazer

David Frazer has exhibited nationally and internationally with over 40 solo exhibitions since 1996 and a number of group exhibitions and prizes throughout Australia, China, the UK and Poland.  

 In 2007, the ABC produced a half hour documentary on David as part of the Artist at Work series.  His work is represented throughout Australia and overseas including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of NSW, the National Gallery Of Victoria, The National Library of Australia, the National Museum of China, the Royal Academy of Art in London, and most
regional galleries in Australia.

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