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October 12/13

2 Day Etching 
with Angus Fisher

2 Day

Saturday October 12
& Sunday October 13

10-4 each day

Etching Workshop
with Angus Fisher

Over two days Angus Fisher will introduce you to the enthralling medium of copper plate etching. Participants will learn an array of techniques and gain an understanding of more traditional line drawing methodologies as well as utilising tonal and textural effects in their images. Students will also learn to work with colour, including working from multiple etching plates to create more complex imagery. Participants are asked to loosely prepare images/drawings and reference material ahead of the workshop on a theme of their choosing to use as a base for their etching. 

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$390 (members)
$420 (non-members)
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[WPS Membership fee $30 is included in the non-member price - covering your insurance in the studio]


max: 10 participants

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For further information


The course is intended to teach line etching as well as tone etching (spray aquatint). The course will also explore different colouring methods including multi-plate printing, à la poupée and hand-colouring using watercolour paints. 


Day 1 

  • Introduction to the medium, discussions on techniques and approaches.

  • Print review

  • Preparation of etching plates and application of ground. 

  • Line drawing onto the etching plates.

  • Etching the images.

  • Printing line images and reviewing progress.

Day 2

  • Introduction to aquatint and tone

  • Preparing 2nd plate

  • Working with colours including multiple plates

  • Printing 

  • Options for fine-tuning

  • Review

A selection of papers with be supplied as well as two small plates per student. There will be a small plate fee. All inks, grounds and etching materials will be supplied as part of the workshop. Students may like to bring their own etching tools if they have some. Additional plate and paper will be available for purchase during the workshop. 

Angus Fisher

Angus Fisher’s art practice investigates nature and humankind’s relationship with the natural world. For Fisher, the idea of nature is a not a static term, but an evolving concept. Through the detailed study of history and natural subject matter, his work grapples with the idea of how nature exists, and has existed, in human imagination.


Fisher does not only investigate ecology through his subjects, but the evolving attitudes and changing philosophical interpretations of the wider natural world. Primarily working with etching and drawing, he utilises traditional working techniques, methodologies and aesthetics to place his work in direct connection to historical contexts and traditions.  


Since graduating from the National Art School (BFA) with distinction in 2010, Fisher quickly found gallery representation with Robin Gibson gallery (2011-2012) and then later Australian Galleries (2012), a relationship that continues currently. Fisher exhibits regularly with Australian Galleries in Sydney and Melbourne as well as other establishments both in Australia and overseas.


As well as exhibiting, Fisher has worked as an archaeological illustrator in Greece and has spent considerable time working alongside indigenous artists in remote areas of Australia's Northern Territory. Fisher also works teaching in the printmaking department at the National Art School and on a casual basis at institutions throughout Sydney.   Fisher’s work can be found in the collection of The National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of NSW, The New South Wales State Library, The National Art School, Australian Galleries in Sydney and Melbourne as well as private collectors

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