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Tim Denmead


Lawn Chair Life

In this work, I decided to explore the contrast of the everyday manufactured object with the majestic beauty of nature. The chair, a retro relic from my childhood, is facing Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain in quiet contemplation.

Printmaking Process

My process involves maximum control and planning. I admit to being a control freak when it comes to printmaking, and I use many processes to get the results I am aiming for. Initially my work comes together on the screen.


For the background landscape, I used Photoshop to build the image from a picture I had taken of Cradle Mountain. I created outlines and layers of the landscape elements and then re- coloured them, using the brush and fill tools.  For the lawn chair, I built a 3D model in Paint3D and manipulated the viewing angle, so it matched the perspective of my landscape. I generated the image of the lawn chair, and then merged it into Photoshop to complete the composition. The work was made using 3 distinct colours: pale blue, yellow ochre and black. I outputted a separate artwork for each colour onto transparency film.


The film was used to make 3 photopolymer plates, all identical in size. The first plate I printed was the yellow ochre, followed by the pale blue and then the black. Each plate had to be perfectly registered with the previous one so that all the colours lined up at the end.

The beauty of the printmaking method was that the 3 individual colours blend with each  other on the paper to give a range of colours and tones in the final work.


Tim first started with Warringah Print Studio 15 years ago.

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