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Kate Lovejoy-Furnell



‘Hydrographic’ drew inspiration from the dominance of water in the geography of Sydney. The way it surrounds and informs its many bays and harbour became a series of photopolymer plates which were layered and overprinted to create an abstraction of the Sydney coastal landscape.

Printmaking Process

The impetus to use line work is always the beginning of any process for my work. The way a continuous or enclosed line drawing can delineate space, and create volume and texture becomes the basis of etching and drypoint work. Printmaking in all its forms - etching, collagraph, dry point, photopolymer, linocut, and handmade paper used as chine colle - allows experimentation with combinations of various techniques. By building layers and overprinting with multiple plates I create unique state prints or variable editions using the same plates in different configurations.


Observing the landscape has been an essential part of my practice where the landscape forms are abstracted into works that explore line, texture, and colour. Landscape also lends itself to the exploration of architectural forms and textural associations. I also work with ceramic, collage and painting, and find that these related fields lend ideas to each other.


Kate has been a member of Warringah Print Studio for twelve years.

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