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The Library





Photopolymer a la poupee

Edition Type

Limited Edition

Paper Size

28 x 38 cm

Image Size



Another definition of interior is; “ relating to the inside of something”. When I first started to work on this project, I wanted to do two completely different images and so after much searching I settled upon the library. I was struck by how small and compact the space was and how the light came in at an angle.I wanted to use lots of colour in the picture and to try and recreate that warm, safe space that one often feels in a library. The work is a photopolymer print, the image is transposed from a transparency on to a light sensitive plate.This is then inked up using the al la pluperfect technique and printey

Artist Bio

I first started print making in the 70’s whilst at art college in the UK. After a considerable career break whilst bring up my family, I have finally reconnected and have been attending Warringah Printmakers for the past two years.
My prints are a mix of Australian flora and European prints taken whilst travelling.
For this exhibition I have chosen the work that I have completed during the last term using the “interior theme.
The two prints I have chosen are both photopolymer prints using the al la poupee technique to colour them. I am really interested in this method as it gives a “ painterly” effect to the print, plus I love experimenting with the colour.

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