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Photopolymer - hand coloured

Edition Type

Open Edition

Paper Size

28 x 38 cm

Image Size



A quick glimpse and then it's gone - this series is about capturing the beauty and impermanence of shadows. As the early morning light streams through the window, it captures the glass vessels and the remnants of last night's celebrations.

Artist Bio

Tracy McCarthy is a visual artist from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, working in the medium of printmaking. During studio sessions at Warringah Printmakers she has experimented with many modern printmaking processes and techniques including intaglio and relief printing from etching, lino and photopolymer plates.
She is heavily influenced by her local surroundings - her subject matter includes natural forms interjected with bold stylised imagery - and often a daring sense of colour.
McCarthy has exhibited in a number of group shows and artist residencies in Sydney in the past 15 years. To see more of Tracy's work, which is available for purchase, please visit her Instagram page

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