Full members with advanced knowledge of printmaking techniques, the ability to work alone and familiarity with studio printmaking equipment & safety procedures can join the Assisted Studio Access sessions.
All new access members need to attend an orientation session during their first session to
ensure familiarity with the studio and our safe print practices. There is a technician in the studio during access sessions to help with general studio technical needs. All Assisted Access users will be working on their own projects. For techniques that you are unfamiliar with or would like to learn, please join a studio class either for a term or as a casual. As we are a volunteer, artist run organisation, we encourage all members to become involved with the studio, volunteering their time when they can and we welcome members to help work on projects or archives as well as other day to day activities .

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Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 3.39.21 PM.png


  • The studio space & facilities are shared.

  • Studio volunteers are not able to cater to artists who wish to use the print facilities intensively in a one-off situation.

  • Studio volunteers donate their time doing Orientations for the good of the Studio's long term full members, however, consideration is given to the application of experienced printmakers.

  • The assisted access  technician is available to help with technical needs in the studio and other requirements.

  • All studio users are required to abide by the guidelines of use as set by the Management Committee. Please read the Studio access policy & guidelines for users. 

  • Assisted Access may be available during some class times, this is for access users to work independently of a class. The teacher will be able to assist with press setup and other studio needs but priority will be given to class students. 

  • The assisted access fee includes use of the presses, etchants, spray paint for aquatints, grounds, rollers & some consumables (cleaners, rags, tissue etc). The fee does not include papers or inks which are to be supplied by the member accessing the Studio.

  • Studio access may be cancelled at short notice.


• Casual Rate          - $40/3 hr session

• Term rate  - $300/9 weeks


Occasionally long term users are granted Open Access. Please contact the management committee if you have accessed in the past and would like to discuss Open Access.

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  • Artequip press, bedsize 780 X 1480mm (23" X 58").

  • Electric press, bedsize 710 X 1400mm (28" X 55").

  • Mitomel press, bedsize 645 X 1200mm (27" X 47").

  • Fine Art Machine Co. press, bedsize 615 X 1200mm (24" X 48").

  • Portable Hilldav press, bedsize 580 X 850cm (21" X 34").

  • Olec exposure unit, bedsize 72 X 58cm (27" X 23".)

  • 'Black light' exposure system.

  • Fume cupboard.

  • Range of inking rollers and brayers.

  • Glass topped tables for mixing and rolling inks.

  • Metal guillotine.

  • Large wash up sink.

  • Photocopier, copies up to A3 in size.

  • Small Drying Rack.

  • Magnetic boards for display of work.

  • Exhibition hanging system.

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning.

  • Epson A3 printer.

  • Custom-made demountable exhibition system.

  • Provision for purchasing paper and plates.

  • Kitchen within the building.

  • Storeroom within the building.

  • Limited parking in Lovett Street, Manly Vale.