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WPS Annual Exhibition 

Wednesday 15 November to Sunday 26 November 2023

Opening Event
Saturday 18 November 4pm – 6pm

Creative Space, 105 Abbott Road, North Curl Curl


Saturday 16 September:
Sunday 24 September:
Sunday 8 October:
Monday 13 November:
Wed 15 – Sun 26 Nov:
Sat 18 Nov 4 – 6 pm:
Sunday 26 November:

Deadline for submission of entry forms
Email notification of selected works
Deadline for payment of entry fees
Deliver framed work to Creative Space 9 – 10.30 am
Exhibition open to the public (10am - 4pm daily)
Opening Event – talk, drinks, nibbles
Collect unsold work from Creative Space 4-6pm


ENTRY:  High quality digital images of prints must be submitted for selection by Saturday 16th September. You are encouraged to include a brief artist biography and individual descriptions of your work which will be included in the online exhibition.

SUBMISSION OF PRINTS: Up to 3 prints made in the last 18 months and not previously exhibited by WPS may be submitted for selection.  Artworks must be hand-printed – digital and giclee prints will not be accepted for this exhibition which highlights the techniques taught in the Studio. Please advise how many prints you are happy to have selected as there is a $25 entry fee for each print exhibited.

IMAGES:  Please provide high quality digital images of unframed artworks in jpeg or jpg format with a resolution of 300dpi, between 1 MB and 3 MB in size. These images can be taken with a smartphone and will be used as the basis for selection and for the online exhibition. (Click here for photography tips). If you are not confident about photographing your prints, send an email to to arrange for them to be photographed in the studio.

SELECTION: You will be notified about selection by email on Sunday 24th September. Signing the entry form gives permission for WPS to use your work for catalogue, promotions and archival purposes.

ADDITIONAL UNFRAMED PRINTS: You are encouraged to include extra prints from the edition of your selected work/s unframed for sale.

PRICING: All artwork must be available for sale.  Ensure your pricing allows for the cost of framing and a 25% commission for prints and cards.  GST payment, if applicable is the responsibility of the artist.  We do not collect GST and act only as your agent in the sale of artworks.

CARDS:  Up to 10 hand-printed cards may be included for sale.  They must be in neat cellophane bags with your name and the price on a small label on the back.  Please deliver to the gallery at the same time as your prints.

PRESENTATION AND FRAMING: Your artworks should be framed to a professional standard. 
 The back of each frame should be neat, sealed and labelled with artists name, title of work and price. 
The work must be ready to hang with D-rings (or triangle rings) large enough to fit the gallery hooks and placed approximately 6cm from the top of the frame (or slightly less if the frame is very small).  Ask your framer to do this for you according to the diagram below.  Please make sure the hook is placed so it will not be visible when the work is hung. Artworks without D-rings cannot be hung on the Creative Space hanging system.
*The D-rings are in addition to the normal hanging string so that purchasers can hang their works at home. Click image below to see.
All work must be protected in a well-constructed bubble wrap envelope with your name and the artwork name taped on.  To allow for easy removal and reuse please don’t tape up the bubble wrap envelope.


ENTRY FEE:  $25 for each work selected - so please indicate a selection limit if submitting more than one artwork to the selection committee.  There is no entry fee for cards providing you have entered 1 or more prints. Your entry fee must be paid no later than Sunday 8 October by direct deposit to the WPS Bendigo bank account. Please include reference to Exhibition fee, your surname.
Name: Warringah Printmakers
BSB: 633 000
Account: 198 634 636

DELIVERY TO CREATIVE SPACE: Please deliver or arrange for someone else to deliver your framed artworks and cards to Creative Space at 105 Abbott Rd, North Curl Curl on Monday 13th November after 9 am and before 11 am as we are hanging the exhibition on that day.

COLLECTION OF UNSOLD WORK: Please arrange for collection from the Creative Space on Sunday 26 November, 4pm to 5pm.

VOLUNTEERS: Members with work exhibited are needed to help with the event - 2 volunteers are required to supervise the exhibition and manage sales each morning and afternoon. Please also bring family and friends to your exhibition and promote the event on social media.

DISCLAIMER:  Warringah Printmakers Studio will handle all works with care. However, no responsibility will be taken for damaged, lost, or stolen works.

If you have any questions about this information, or are unable to fill in the online form, class teachers may be able to assist (or email

CHECKLIST:  To fill in form

  • personal details

  • instagram handle (optional)

  • artwork name

  • medium

  • size of printed area

  • approx framed size

  • price (incl 25%)

  • editions available

  • good quality image

  • cards (optional)

  • artist bio & statement (optional)

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