Last updated February 2020

Note: The Warringah Printmakers Studio neither recommends nor does it accept responsibility for the products & services listed.

photopolymer plates & related products

Avflex Mavelon Waterwash Plate HX-145;DS-94 & Kodak Miraclon Plates - Grogan Group
Toyobo Printight Sunplates KM73 - JPlatesPlus
Puretch Photoresist Film - Cape Fear Press
Non-toxic Intaglio - The Printmakers' Experimentarium
Printmaking Supplies - Melbourne Etching Supplies

japanese woodblock supplies

Mokuhanga tools, materials & equipment - Karuizawa Mokuhanga School
Cutting Tools - Jackson's Art Supplies
Mokuhanga Printing Baren for Japanese Woodblock Printmaking - Washi Arts

presses & felts

Etching press sales & service - Hilldav Industries
Presses - Enjay Presses Pty Ltd:
Bill Young +61 0428 293 662 - Eastern States
Susan Baran +61 0401306016 - NSW
Dianne Longley +61 0414 891 952 - Victoria Goldfields
Simone Tippett +61 0407 079 604 - South Australia
John Robinson +61 0423 569 010 - Tasmania
Presses - Mitomel Printmaking
Etching Presses & blankets are also available at:
Melbourne Etching Supplies
Parkers Fine Art Supplies
Oxford Fine Art Supplies

printing inks & waterbased colours

Rubber based inks, tack reducer. Ph: 0416 007 367 - Mistbit Pty. Ltd
Akua Intaglio soy-based permanent inks - Dick Blick Art Materials
Inking products are also available at:
Melbourne Etching Supplies
Parkers Fine Art Supplies

printing plates

Plastic products - Warringah Plastics Pty Ltd
Polycarbonate for drypoint & monotypes - FX Plastics Pty Ltd
Usually stock cardboard, offcuts of craft paper, perspex - Reverse Garbage Cooperative
Aluminium Sheet - Aluminium Warehouse
Copper, steel & other sheet metals - Stephenson Sheet Metal Pty Ltd Tel: 9905 5639
Copper & zinc roofing - Sterland Roofing


Marguerite de Fondaumiere keeps stocks of handmade oriental paper from Japan, China, Korea & Taiwan - Blackbird Paper Facebook Page Email
Printmaking paper is also available at:
Melbourne Etching Supplies
Parkers Fine Art Supplies
Neil Wallace Printmaking Supplies
Art Scene

safer cleaning equipment & disposal of waste

Homestrip for cleaning BI off plates. Also good for cleaning brushes - 48 Wattle Road, Brookvale (on the corner of Michell Road). Phone:1300 451 925. Call first. Safety gear, nitrile gloves, protective glasses - Blackwoods
Vegetable Cleaning Agent - Ebotaniq
Copper Sulphate (also called Bluestone) - Hardware or Gardening Stores.
Recycling of Chemicals & waste - Transpacific Cleanaway
Environmentally friendly E-waste recycling -
IT Liquidators

film positives & printing services

Film positives for transfer to polymer plate. (Ask for a right reading film positive of between 100 & 150 lpi) - Wombat Grafx
Range of office services - Officeworks
E-print & pre-press services - Matrix Digital E: rob@matrixdigital.com.au
Design & printing service. Accessible throughout Australia - Worldwide Online Printing
A2 size photocopier transparencies - Meter Australia Pty Ltd
Film positives which may be used for photopolymer plate. Leapfrog Inkspot
Invitations - Minuteman Press


General art & printmaking supplies - Art Smart
General art & printmaking supplies - Art Scene
Acid free tissue paper - Dee Bee Bags, Australia
Acid free tissue paper - Koch & Co
Black silicon carbide or carborundum for collagraphs - Naxos Australia Pty Ltd
General art & printmaking supplies - Eckersley
Acid Free Tissue Paper, wholesale alfoil & paper products - Kent Papers Co. Pty Ltd Tel: (02) 9949 6666
Office Supplies - Office Force (Manstat) Tel: (02) 9938 2156 or 1300 365 678
Bubblewrap - 100 m rolls, 1m wide economically priced - Ace Packaging Tel: (02)9905 5858
Gallery tracks & hanging sets - Curtrax Pty Ltd


Art Smart
Raymond's Framing Email link Tel: (02) 9439 1584
Pickwick Picture Framers Email link
Action Framing - Tel: (02)9981 5525.

art couriers

International Art Services
Bus Freight Australia

equipment maintenance

Offering machinery repairs & general engineering - Boom Engineering
Etching press service - Hilldav Industries
Re-surfacing rollers & brayers + sales - Brisset Rollers